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What is LQS? 

LQS is a proprietary scoring system that improves individual’s jobs & internship opportunities, by raising his/ her profile and visibility among the topmost Indian Law Firms, Corporations, LPOs, Government Sector and PSUs.

How does it work?

1.   You will be assessed on the following parameters:

  • Test-Module-1: General Legal Knowledge (Multiple Choice Questions || 50 marks).
  • Test-Module-2: Legal Drafting Skills (Assignment Based || 50 marks)
  • Test-Module-3: English (Multiple Choice Questions || 25 marks)
  • Test-Module-4: Mathematics and Analytical Skills (Multiple Choice Questions ||25 marks)
  • Test-Module-5: Technology & I.T. Skills (Multiple Choice Questions || 25 marks)
  • Test-Module-6: Personality and Interview Skills (via Skype || 25 marks)

2. All test-modules are conducted online, and can be taken from anywhere and on any device
3. There is no study material provided, and this course only contains six test modules.
4. All the test modules can be completed within 3-hrs in a single sitting. However, your course is open for 7-days and you are free to complete the modules at your pace and in your free time.
5. Candidates are free to take up module test intermittently with time gaps or breaks. However, all the test modules need to be completed in 7-days.
6. LQS Fees: Rs. 500/- payment options: 1) Online: Credit & Debit Cards, Wire Transfer or NEFT and 2) Offline: Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft.
7. A candidate can improve upon his/her previous LQS anytime, but not before expiry of 3-months from the last date of his/ her previous LQS test. In short, there needs to be a minimum 3-months gap between the two LQS.
8. IALM changes all the test modules every 3-months.

How does IALM Legal Quality Score (LQS) help candidates?

1. Candidates are allowed to exhibit their LQS in their C.V.s, Business Cards, Plaques, Social Media pages (LinkedInn, Facebook) or during job Interviews.
2. IALM also provide each student with an Industry Recognized Certification.
3. If your LQS is above 85 percent, you are given:

  • An entry to IALM Placement Cell. Our Placement Cell is located here: CLICK HERE
  • An entry to IALM Hall of Fame. Our Hall of Fame guidelines are available at: CLICK HERE
  • An IALM recommendation letter.

4.  An entry into IALM Placement Cell will entitle candidates with:

  • email alerts on legal jobs/ internship vacancies available with Law Firms, NGOs, Government, PSU and Corporate Sector.
  • job/ Internship recommendation letters (via email) to India’s top 100 law firms – 4 times in a year;
  • job/ Internship recommendation letters (via email) to India’s 50 Corporates/ Companies – 4 times in a year;
  • clerkship / Internship recommendation letters to the Honorable Judges of Supreme Court of India; Office of Attorney Journal of India and any one judicature of the High Courts in India – 4 times in a year;
  • expert guidance for effective C.V. writing tips, written test, interviews and salary negotiations during hiring process.

This Program does not make you eligible for IALM Online Internship Program.

So, do not wait as the next job/ internships will be with tougher competition. SO HURRY and REGISTER NOW……..

IALM wishes all of you with a HIGH LQS and successful Legal Career ahead!


Course Reviews

  1. Course provided me an excellent review of whatever I had studied in my grad…One must go for it and check out how much competent they are as far as job and internships are concerned.

  2. Learning
    interacting form of learning.

  3. Fun and Engaging
    In short, the course was fun and mentally taxing and extremely effective.

    A few suggestions include:

    1. Correcting typos in the MCQs
    2. Including commercial laws in Legal knowledge.


  5. Profile photo of prasadaman5 prasadaman5 says:

    Doing IALM was Fun
    Had a tough time solving maths, but apart from it rest of the questions were up to a Law Graduate level. I may not agree with some of the answers for which i was not marked but yes, i leave it up to the discretion of the IALM Faculty.

    Looking forward to try this again and improve my score.
    Hope this leads to the gateway to Law Firms

    I am interested in corporate job

  7. Profile photo of Sanju Negi Sanju Negi says:

    Sanju Negi
    I disagree with some of your answers and they are subjective. Can I call the registrar?

  8. Profile photo of Aditi Sarkar Aditi Sarkar says:

    Aditi Sarkar
    The IALM platform was cool. I liked it. However, SKYPE had some glitches and I suggest that you should do audio conferencing (and not video conferencing).

  9. Profile photo of Sanjay Madan Sanjay Madan says:

    Sanjay Madan
    I have applied for so many jobs, but do not get any response. With score more than 85 percent, I hope to be called soon

  10. Harpreet Singh
    Can’t wait for final results. Hurry IALM

  11. Huxley Daniels
    I am interested in UN jobs. I hope IALM will listen and give me recommendations at the International organization. I hope to get 90 percent and above.

  12. Sripat Sanjit
    I am based out of SriLanka and looking for Indian jobs. Hope to find one with your help. IALM, please call me…

  13. Profile photo of Vikram Pawha Vikram Pawha says:

    Vikram Pawha
    I badly screwed Analytics. Why do they have mathematics for Lawyers. Not required. I will retake after 3 months.

  14. Profile photo of Megha Sharma Megha Sharma says:

    Megha Sharma
    Easy…..Cake Walk

  15. Profile photo of Rajiv Lochan Rajiv Lochan says:

    Rajiv Lochan
    I am not from NLUs. But now because of good LQS, I hope companies will take me seriously and give me interview opportunities. Thank you IALM

  16. Profile photo of Vijaya Vijaya says:

    Vijaya Gandhi
    The English test had some mistakes. It was easy to crack. I hope to get 85 % and above.

  17. Profile photo of Aparna Ghosh Aparna Ghosh says:

    Aparna Ghosh
    Wow. It was a good experience. Not very difficult

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  • Maximum Duration : 1 week


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