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Why should Indian Lawyer pursue an LL.M. abroad?

In the past, practicing law abroad for an Indian was extremely challenging, if not impossible. Only after 4 years of under-graduate course and then three years of law school abroad one is eligible to give the Bar Exam in most of the counties. In short becoming a lawyer abroad in the traditional way was a daunting, expensive and time consuming option.

However in the recent years, Legum Magister (LL.M.) is a great opportunity presented by foreign universities to everyone with a LL.B degree in India. Pursuing an LL.M abroad is highly recommended for every one willing to practice law in more than one country or to work for Multinational Corporations or a multi-jurisdictional law firm. The LL.M usually takes one year, costing much less than the traditional way. In addition to obtaining international recognition and foreign exposure through internships and externships abroad, an LL.M is highly valued domestically in firms dealing with foreign clients and looks remarkable on a resume.

In short, you should do LL.M from abroad, if you intend to:

  • seek a job abroad;
  • be eligible to take foreign Bar Exam to practice law abroad.
  • work with a Multinational Corporation
  • work at a Foreign Law firm;
  • work at an Indian Law Firm (after returning to India)
  • choose being an academician or professor in an International Law School;
  • work with international and foreign clientele
  • earn a degree from international reputed law school;

Required Eligibility & Resources criteria: 

  • LL.B degree or practising lawyer (with Bar Council Licence); or
  • Corporate Lawyers in Law Firms, In-house Counsels or Government Counsels; or
  • Final year law students of recognized college/ Institution; and
  • A LL.M abroad may costs anything between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 55 lakhs, depending on the institution and country. IALM Deepdive database assists you with Information on “Scholarships” and “Grants” availability ranging between 80 % to NIL

How will IALM help?

Studying abroad is a big step in anyone’s life that requires careful planning and calculation. Choosing a right law school impacting your future job prospects and career is extremely important. LL.M programs globally can costs as little as Rs. 5 Lakh, or as huge as Rs. 55,00,000/-, with international-scholarships ranging from 80% to NIL With IALM’s proprietary database (called, DeepDive™ database) consisting of 5000 Law Schools across United States and Globe, we assist students getting into best of law schools (subject, reputation, location, widespread placement program) permitted within their budgets.

Over the years, we at IALM have experienced immense success in sending our students to study abroad in various top ranked law universities throughout the globe by giving them a clear path to follow. By engaging the applicants in numerous one-on-one sessions with our highly qualified professionals we are able to evaluate the applicant’s academic background, achievements, extracurricular experiences, job experience, and also identify any shortcoming that needs to be worked on. Upon this detailed evaluation conducted by our experienced professionals, we determine a highly customised; winning strategy that best suits your aspirations and expectations and optimises your chances for admissions in a university chosen by you.

IALM particularly assists with:

  • College and University Selections based on DeepDive™ database
  • Application Procedure, Eligibility, Documentation Requirements and Deadline Alerts
  • Letters of Recommendations, Essays and Statement of Purpose
  • TOEFL/IELTS Practice & Preparation (alongwith sample papers).
  • VISA Counselling and Mock Interviews.

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How the Program works?

  • IALM study abroad program is 3-months online interactive course in which a counsellor is assigned to you.
  • The program can be done from any place (Home/Office/College), at your flexible timings and on any device (Laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile).
  • Upon registration and payment of fees, an IALM counsellor will contact you within two days and interview you about your experience and further interest in law as a career.
  • You will be required to finish all SIX modules: 1) Introduction; 2) College and University Selections; 3) Application Procedure, Eligibility, Documentation Requirements and Deadline Alerts; 4) Letters of Recommendations, Essays and Statement of Purpose; 5) TOEFL/IELTS Practice & Preparation (alongwith sample papers); 6) VISA Counselling and Mock Interviews.

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Why choose IALM?

  1. Experience: We have a sound record of getting our students placed in colleges as we are aware of the needs of the top law schools. Only through experience our faculty have acquired a good knowledge on how to impress an admission committee. We strive to highlight and enhance your achievements to a committee through your written work by giving them a clear picture of who you are.
  2. Quality: Our research and our student base has given us access to a huge data base that we can refer to. Through our sources we have the answer to how, when and why to apply to a particular college or the answer to if there are any scholarship/financial opportunities available? You can call us the perfect match makers! This match making ability between the applicant’s goals, aspirations and expectations and the university is one of our biggest strength.
  3. Convenience: Everything is online! This is the reason we have students coming from all over India. We ensure that every applicant is conveyed quality information in a uniform way. Also to each applicant, we provide only one-on-one customised academic advising from our counsellors and editing team. We encourage personal attention to all our applicants so they can solve their individual problems with their respective professional.

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