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Each year IALM supports several events related to Law and Management with institutions, organizations and event management companies. Such collaborations result in huge marketing efforts for event organizers due to massive online and offline presence of IALM. Our event collaborations results in 1) increase in awareness about events, 2) increased participation and registrations, 3) increase engagement and also potential sponsorships, benefiting the event organizers. Contact us at – registrar@ or call us at our Toll Free Number – 1800 3000 8331.




1. A Nominal Cash Sponsorship

2. Gift Coupons worth Rs. 32,000/- for the following courses:events

S. No. Title of the Online Course Course Fees Awards

Total Price

(i) The Art and Plan of Cross-Examination forwarded by Sh. Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate & Member of Parliament  Rs. 5,500/- 4 Rs. 22,000/-
(ii) Advance Certificate in IPRs – Law & Procedure   Rs. 10,000/- 3 Rs. 32,000/-
How this works? : IALM sets up a booth and provides 5 Multiple-Choice-Questions for visitors at the booth. The 5-toppers with correct answers are announced an award. The announcement takes place either after-lunch time, or before closing-session. This also ensures that participants are engaged and stay till end of the session in anticipation of awards.

3. IALM publishes Event-Details on its website at IALM website has 300 unique visitors on daily basis.

4. 5 posts of the event on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page has 27,000 members from legal and professional community. Check out IALM facebook page at

5. 2-mass mailers to 10,000 database of law students and young lawyers in India. Our database of lawyers, law firms and law students can be verified from login at


1. All marketing material (such as event brochures, banners, backdrops, advertisements, website and webpages) to carry IALM logo as “Online Education Partner”;

2. A speaking opportunity to senior faculty or an Industry Leader recommended by IALM;

3. A small booth (1-chair and table) to conduct quiz for booth visitors. 5-winners are collectively awarded Rs. 32,000/- in prizes.



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