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Benefits of IALM Campus Chair Program

IALM set of Obligations are:

  • Cash Incentives: To provide for Cash Incentives of Rs. 1000- for each paid registered student from the Institution by the using the assigned coupon code, during the validity of the present appointment. The cash will be directly transferred into your Bank Account in the first week of each month.
  • Marketing Support: To provide requisite marketing material (including your business cards) to support IALM marketing efforts among students.
  • Free IALM enrolment: To provide for a FREE transferable “Enrolment” of your desired course once in six-months period, during the validity of the present appointment.
  • Free Educational Sessions: To conduct upto 2-free educational sessions or seminars upon invitation from the Institution on any of the topics, such as Drafting Contracts, Intellectual Property Laws, Cyberlaws, Corporate & Business Laws, etc.
  • IALM Business Account: IALM will also provide you for an email and Google business account on it’s infrastructure upon your reaching a paid enrolment of minimum 50-students. The IALM emails are valid only for period during the validity of the present appointment.
  • Internship & Events Attending Opportunities: IALM will provide upto 2 Internship Opportunities or Legal Events Attending Opportunities.
  • Certificate: IALM will provide customized scholarship certificate at the end of each successful term of present appointment.
  • IALM Schemes: From time to time, IALM will announce discounts and schemes to attract students. IALM will provide and pass on such discounts to all Campus Chair.
  • Transparency: To provide complete transparency with respect to enrolled students an automated alert on each registration on a real time basis or access to database will be send to you.
  • Validity: 1 year

IALM Campus Chair set of obligations are:

  • Marketing & Sales: IALM Campus Chair will be responsible for promoting courses, getting registration and marketing for IALM in the Institution. This will include introducing IALM to Principal, Placement Cell Incharge and / or Faculty.
  • Activate Social Media & Increase Email Database: It will also be responsibility of the Campus Chair to activate Facebook, LindkedInn and other Social Media groups for the Institution and promote IALM on all social media platforms. They will be also be responsible for collection of student emails from the Institution and passing it over the IALM.
  • Student, Faculty, Management & Placement Cell Engagement for the Institution: You will be responsible to engage with Students, Faculty and Management of the Institution and organize an IALM event in the Institution, at least once in a year.
  • Monthly Calls & Reporting: You will be responsible to attend monthly calls and report your work to Registrar on a regular.
  • No Representations or Financial Obligations: All your actions and activities will be in accordance with law of the land, and you cannot take any financial obligation or representation oral or in writing on behalf of IALM. All letters and obligations will be signed and executed by Registrar, IALM.
  • Competition: An IALM Campus Chair cannot work for or promote a competitor institution during the validity of the present appointment.

To become IALM Campus Chair Send Us Your Profile:

If you feel, you have the sparkle to lead your campus, apply to with following details:

  • Your Full Name (attach your digital photo as well):
  • Your Course and Year:
  • Your Institution Name and Address (alongwith City/ State):
  • Your Home Address:
  • Mobile No.
  • Email:
  • Describe in not more than 500 words, three ways in which you can promote IALM courses in your Institution.

Shortlisted Candidates will be called for a Skype Interview within 15-days of their application.

IALM highly values it’s relationship with you and always wishes you successful professional career.

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