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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How will I be benefited from this Online Course?

As an IALM student, you benefit in several ways:

  • Obtain Knowledge and Skillsets to enhance your career in a particular area of law and management.
  • Assimilate direct knowledge from our experienced national and international faculty that includes Indian Legal Luminaries, such as General Counsels, Senior Advocates, Former Judges, Senior Government Officials, Law Firm Partners and Law-Makers (MPs and MLAs).
  • Free enrolment to IALM INTERNSHIP PROGRAM – 2018
  • Become eligible to IALM Placement Program (conditions apply)
  • Obtain a free e-book after completion of the course
  • Earn India’s most reputed legal certification in the area of skillsets development and industrial acceptability

As an Organization/ Institution, you benefit in several ways:

  • A Free Workshop for all participants of your organization. Such Workshop can be face-to-face or through Webex Sessions.
  • Train students/ employees to face modern legal challenges in business, such as Contract Drafting, Competition Laws, Intellectual Property, M&A, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (POSH) and many more.
  • IALM develops customized course curriculum and workshops as per training requirements of students/ employees
  • Each participating employee/ student gets an industry recognized certificate.
  • Each student gets to attend Workshop Training
  • Each Student gets a Username and Password to log in and complete the course (usually after workshop ends).
  • Highly Discounted Price for Organization/ Institution sponsoring +25 students/ employees.

Q2. What are the timings of IALM courses?

IALM offers online courses, and all courses can be done anytime, from anywhere and on any device.

A student has flexibility to finish the course as-quickly-as possible, depending upon his/her availability and schedule. However, each course needs to be completed within the "maximum duration" stipulated for that particular course.  

Q3. What is the mode of teaching at IALM?

All IALM courses are online, and students can take these courses anytime, from anywhere and on any device.

Students have flexibility to do the courses from their home, office or from any institution. To teach and impart knowledge, we use highly interactive means, such as videos, conference calls, online/ Web-ex sessions.

IALM also does workshops (+25 students) to impart knowledge in Companies, Institutions and Colleges. 

Students can also send emails (at - to Faculty that is normally replied back within 12 hrs. In case of an urgency, you can contact our Faculty at the email provided in your dashboard.  

Q4. How should I register for the course? When does my courses start?

IALM Registration Process is extremely simple:

  1. Click on the IALM course of your interest and see it's features.
  2. Go to "Register to Course" tab. Fill in the simple form with all your contact details and then SUBMIT the form.
  3. After you SUBMIT, you are provided with several options to pay course fees. You can choose 1) Online-mode (credit card, debit card, Online Banking, NEFT, IMPS or RTGS) or Offline-Mode (by cheque/ draft/ cash).
  4. You will receive an automatic email with Student Log-in and Password details. However, your course will be activated after payment of the course-fees.
  5. Immediately, upon confirmation of payments, your course will be activated (started) on the next forthcoming Saturday.

Q5. How does my course progress after I pay course-fees?  What is IALM examination/ evaluation system? 

  • Upon course activation, a student is able to view and download the contents of first module (chapter) of the course.  The contents can be in the form of Text, Word, Pdf, Video, Audio or a Powerpoint presentation. After student completes the module, he/ she is prompted to proceed for an online Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) based on the module. Student is marked automatically based on correct answers in MCQs.
  • In this manner, a student is required to finish all the modules sequentially (including online MCQs), and his/ her score is aggregated automatically for all modules.
  • At the end of course, a student is provided with an Assignment containing a few questions. The answers to such an Assignment (700 - 1000 words) is required to be uploaded within the time-frame provided in the course.  IALM faculty manually provides score for each uploaded Assignment.
  • The  "MCQs"    + "Assignment" scores are added to provide total evaluation results to be incorporated in the IALM certification.

Q6. Does IALM provide “online” certifications?

IALM does NOT provide “online” certification. All it's certificates are sent via registered posts within 2-4 weeks after successfully completing the course. 

Q7. Do you offer Internship to all IALM students?

IALM offers free Internship after completion of any of its course. You have to select a topic and based on that prepare a project/ More information is available Here

Q8. Can I re-appear in case I fail?

For certain Courses / Modules, a student can take re-test upon showing genuine reasons that are beyond his/ her control.

Q9. How do I make the course payments?

You can make payments in several ways to IALM. Payments can be made via Online-Mode via Credit/Debit Card, NEFT, or Offline-Mode via Cheque, Demand Draft or in Cash.

Q10. Do you offer an online degree in Law (LL.B/ LL.M)?

No. IALM does not offer an online LL.B./ LL.M. Infact, UGC and Bar Council of India does not permit teaching LL.B via online or correspondence. IALM offers skill development, job oriented Certificate Courses that equips students to develop skills and knowledge in a particular area of law.

Q11. Do you offer any discount on course fees?

No. IALM does not provide discount on its course fees. IALM courses are priced minimally to sustain its faculty and improve its course content.

Affirmative-Action Policy: Under this policy, IALM does provide scholarships to SC, ST, OBC and Disable candidates. Please write to registrar@ ialm.adacemy and attach your certificate of SC, ST, OBC or Disabled candidate. 

Q12. What is the future scope of IALM courses?

IALM courses are designed keeping in mind the current and future requirements of lawyers in Industry, Law Firms and LPOs. Before developing IALM course, we consult General Counsels, Senior Advocates, Former Judges, Senior Government Officials, Law Firm Partners and Law-Makers (MPs and MLAs) to suggest the current legal challenges being faced by them and their organization.

Q13. How will these courses help a law student to get a job or internship?

 IALM Placement Cell will assist meritorious students (85 % and above) with:

  • alerting on available jobs through its portal;
  • placing students profile on IALM Hall-of-Fame;
  • sending monthly E-Mailers to Law Firms, Senior Advocates, Judiciary and Legal Departments of MNCs on IALM Hall-of-Fame students;
  • providing written recommendation letters to Law Firms, Judiciary (for Internship), Industry and Multinational Corporation.
  • preparing and assisting them for Interviews and Personality Test.

Q14. Is IALM affiliated to any University or Bar Council of India or UGC?

Any affiliation to University, Bar Council or UGC is not applicable to IALM, as it provides short-term “Certificate Courses” to enhance knowledge and skills developments for its students. IALM goals are to equip its students to face modern day challenges in businesses, boardrooms, legal departments and court rooms.

IALM is a part of a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization, The Indian Legal Foundation (“TILF”). TILF is registered in 2012 as an autonomous body under section 25 (now section 8) of Indian Companies Act.

Q 15. What is the value of IALM certificate? Will I get a job after doing a course from IALM?

Global HR surveys have confirmed that there are 50% more chance of being called for an interview, if candidate has done a specialized course required for a particular job-position. IALM regularly participates, interacts and partners with industry, law firms, Senior Advocates and Government bodies to increase awareness about its course content and certification. As a consequence, an IALM student gets a competitive edge vis–à–vis other candidates applying for the same position.

Further, our active Placement Cell has been able to enhance job prospects for several law and management students. 

Q 16. Whom should I contact in case of any doubt?

In case of any doubt/clarification, you can drop-in an email at – registrar@ or call us at – +91-011-41729178, 


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