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IALM offers a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to earn exponential income in India’s fastest expanding sector of e-learning & e-education.  Be a part of “IALM Official Partner Program (IOPP)” that requires “No Investment” or “No Real Estate or Office Space” contribution. There is no better way to supplement your current income than being an IALM authorized reseller of online courses, and supporting Government of India initiatives, such as Skill-India & Digital-India.

Eligibility to get IOPP membership

IALM partnership program (“IOPP”) is open for:

  • All students, professionals, employees (Government/ Public Sector/ Private Companies/ Multinational Corporation), businessmen, businesswomen, housewives, startups, engineers and entrepreneurs.
  • You should be an Indian citizen
  • You should be 18 years and above
  • You should have any Government issued KYC identity document (For example, College I-Card/ Ration Card/ Aadhar/ PAN/ Driving License/ Passport/ Property Papers, etc).
  • You should have a Bank Account in any nationalized or Co-operative banks in India

Security Deposit

  • An interest-free fully-refundable security deposit of Rs. 5500/- (Rupees Five Thousand Five Hundred Only) for a maximum period of 5 years.
  • You can pay through online or offline mode:
      • ONLINE MODE: through Credit/ Debit Cards, NEFT:  PAY NOW: Click here
        • (Note: Keep your credit card/ debit card ready. In the services section of FORM, write 10-digit IALM PARTNER NUMBER of the person who referred you or else if you are becoming partner without reference of any other partner, write: FRESH PARTNER )
      • OFFLINE MODE: Through Cheque/ Demand Draft in favour of “THE INDIAN LEGAL FOUNDATION”.
        • (Note: , send at the postal address: 81, LGF, National Park, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi – 110024. India.)

Benefits of being IALM partner

  • No Investments required  - only interest free security deposit required.
  • No requirement of Real Estate or Office Space
  • Become a part of fastest growing e-learning industry in India, and earn enormous  money (more than your current salary or stipend) upon performing "Partner Activities" as detailed below.
  • A partnership kit upon membership registration. The Partnership Kit will contain:
    • A letter with your unique Partnership Number alongwith T&Cs
    • Receipt of interest-free fully-refundable Security Deposit for a period of maximum 5 years
    • Detailed Partner Activities Chart alongwith Monetary Benefits – see the table below.


Contact us

For any further information, please write to us at: Or Call Mr. Meahul Roy, Program Coordinator at : +919716118420. Email: , Address: 81, LGF, National Park, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi - 110 024. India

Partner Activities Chart

Being partner to IALM, you can earn through several activities, such as:


S.No Title    Details                                 
1. Sign up partners For every fourth additional partners made through your partnership number, you get Rs. 5500/-. The first payment goes towards getting back your security deposit discharged. For example, if you make 4 partners, you get back your security deposit amount of Rs. 5500/-. If you make 8 partners, then total Rs. 11000/-. If 12 partners, then total Rs. 16,500/- and so on.
2. Partners making Partners “CHILD PARTNERS” For every fourth additional partner (Child Partner) made through your direct partner number, you get additional Rs. 1000/-. If your direct partner makes 8 partners (Child Partners), you get Rs. 2000/- If your direct partner makes 12 additional partners (Child Partners), you get Rs. 3000/-  and so on.
3. Child Partners making Partners “GRAND CHILD PARTNERS” For every fourth partner (Grand Child Partner) made by your Child-Partner, you get additional Rs. 500/-. If your child-partner makes 8 partners (Grand Child Partners), you get total Rs. 1000/- If your Child Partner makes 12 additional partners (Grand Child Partners), you get total Rs. 1500/- and so on.
4. Student Enrolments Rs. 1000/- per student enrolled using your partnership code.  If you are able to enrol 100 students a month, you get Rs.100000 (Rupees one lakh) in a month.
5. Get Faculty Rs. 5500/- per faculty signing-up to teach at IALM platform due to Partner's efforts and introductions. The faculty will teach pre-approved courses at IALM. The faculty will be remunerated separately.
6. Organizational/ Institutional workshop or training Rs. 3500/- per workshop/ training awarded to partner upon his/ her introductions and efforts in a pre-approved organization or institution.
7 Social Media marketing Rewards / Points upon 'Like' and 'Share' of IALM posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInn
8 Partnership Coupons Rs. 5000/- total worth of Partnership Discount Coupons on online courses. We issue five transferable coupon of Rs. 1000/- each that cannot be used together in one go, or combined with other discount coupons.