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An opportunity for teachers, tutors, faculty, lecturers, professors, academicians, senior-students and subject-matter experts to earn income without any investments by using the power of internet. IALM encourages you to share your course-material/ notes/ expertise on our platform. This program will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • earn exponential income from across the globe by sharing your knowledge. There is NO investment required from your side;
  • help students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Note:  Do Feel free to forward this link to your well-wishers, friends or colleagues  - whosoever is academically sound and would like to earn exponential income through online teaching.

IALM receives several questions from teachers, faculty, tutors and professional about this program. It has compiled a list of questions and answers (FAQs) as under.  You are requested to read the following FAQ very carefully:

                                                                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Question: I am good in one particular subject/topic, how do I proceed?

IALM Answer: Email us at registrar@ialm. academy with details: 1) Your full name, 2) email, 3) cell number, 4) subject/ topic you could teach and 5) Your current occupation. Once you send this information, we will evaluate the need for this topic. If selected, we will contact you with teaching assignment form to start immediately.

Question What kind of subjects can I teach online?

IALM Answer: Any subject or topic useful and valuable for student community – law, humanities, finance, business, sciences, mathematics, arts, or any skill development subject.

Question: In what form my course material or notes should be?

IALM Answer: Any digital form is acceptable – example, word document, pdf, videos, audio, handwritten-scanned, etc

Question: What is normal duration of course/ subject that I can teach

IALM Answer: Total duration of  course should be 10 -25 hrs of learning session. This can be in the form of reading documents, a power point presentation or even a video.

However, please note that this is only one time efforts of uploading your course material. Thereafter, it is normally 1-2 hrs per week of handling student queries and updating the course from time-to-time.

Question: What will be pricing of my course? I

ALM Answer: The pricing of each content is decided mutually. It depends upon competition, demand, usefulness of the course and several other factors. Please send us an email to discuss this further.

Question: In what ratio will the income from my course material be shared with IALM?

IALM Answer: It will depend on several factors, competition, expertise, experience of faculty, popularity of the course, number of units sold and pricing.

Question: Will I be taxed for payments received by me?

IALM Answer: Yes. All IALM transactions are only through banking channels and you will receive your payments after deduction of taxes (TDS), as per Indian Income Tax Rules applicable from time to time.

Question: How will I come to know that a student has enrolled for my course on IALM platform?

IALM Answer: You will receive an automated email once a student enrolls for your course. Also, all students are provided with your contactable email address at the course dashboard.

Question: Once I upload my course material/ notes, can I market it myself?

IALM Answer: Of course. Though IALM has huge marketing budget for online courses, it encourages you to supplement its efforts in marketing your online course material or notes.

Question: Will I be given face-to-face teaching opportunities?

IALM Answer: Yes. Though IALM is only online teaching platform, we do conduct a lot of face-to-face and live web teaching sessions for institutions, colleges and corporate. You could be invited for these sessions depending upon your course demand. And the good news is that you will be paid additionally for conducting face-to-face or webex sessions.

Question: I have a lot of teaching content and notes, but I want to keep my identity hidden.

IALM Answer: Yes. This is possible upon signing an additional confidentiality agreement with IALM. We will provide you an additional teaching name (a pseudo name), whereby your identity will not be made public. All enrolled students are asked to interact with you only over an email

Question: I am only a 3rd year student in campus. How can I supplement my income?

IALM Answer: You need not be a professor or teacher to be teaching at IALM. Infact, a lot of young college students are uploading their class notes, assignments and examination material online. In this manner, the students are able to earn thousands of rupees, and become financially independent from their parents to afford their college fees.

Question: I have some additional questions on this program, whom do I contact?

IALM Answer: You can call our toll free number or email at registrar@ to interact more.


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