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THE ART AND PLAN OF CROSS-EXAMINATION - Foreword by Shri Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Member of Parliament & Former Law Minister, India

An extremely popular online course among Advocates, Law students, Criminal Lawyers, Law Professors and Trial lawyers is the IALM course on "The Art & Plan of Cross-Examination". The Trial Lawyers spend decades learning on how to effectively cross examine a witness in a court of law. There are some basic rules, if followed can make you succeed in a cross examination. With case study examples, IALM students are trained in following topics: 1) How to prepare Cross-Examination Questions, 2) Knowing your Objective, 3) Taking Baby Steps while questioning a witness,, 4) Creating an atmosphere of trust in the court, 5) Adapting one's style of cross examination, 6) Knowing when to quit, 7) How to ask Leading questions, 8) Knowing the rules of evidence, 9) conducting investigations for trials, and 10) knowing your audience

Recently, Shri Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Member of Parliament and Former Law Minister, India interacted with IALM to provide tips on Cross-Examination. Shri Jethmalani has cross examined thousands of witnesses in his 70 years of legal practise, both on criminal and civil side. Here are snippets from his teachings on "ART OF CROSS EXAMINATION"

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